A Special Message from General Flynn about The Commander's Artist

Attention MAGA Patriots!

Have you heard of the Commander’s Artist? The Commander’s artist is the premier artist in the country if not the world! Renowned for his Patriotic art, he is recording our history, our movement, for future generations. He is the commissioned artist of Lt. General Michael Flynn as well as Sydney Powell to mention a few. The commander’s artist work generates 10’s of thousands of dollars which he donates to various charities.

Today The Commander’s Artist has opened his work to everyone to own a piece of history!

If you don’t have a patriotic wall, room or office, YOU’LL WANT ONE!

Featured This Month, June 2022

FEATURED this Month are two special commemorative prints from The Commander's Artist.
These are Museum Quality Prints – 16″x20″, and FRAMED
These will be limited numbered Print Editions
You do not want to miss your chance to own a piece of history!


Please Visit:   ThePlan.Today  

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For a limited time by popular request we now have these four prints at 11″x17″ size. Click on Image.

Bold as a Lion
Behold My Chosen Leader
They Thought They Could Throw Me To The Lions
Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty

For God and Country Dallas Auction



For God and Country Dallas Auction 2021 Original Canvas Sold:  $7,500 General Michael Flynn portrayed by the Commanders’ Artist as an American revolutionary  Soldier of 1776 leading the war against...
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