I am The Commander’s Artist.

This name was attributed to me for the meme work I was providing for the Trump campaign to get him elected.

Hello, my name is Michael Marrone a graphic illustrator and general artist. In 1980 I attended the Art Institute of Chicago after serving in the U.S. Air force right out of high school. Art has been my passion since 8 years old and is still today.

What is different about my method of graphic art is to bring ‘MEME ART’ into the 21st century as a legitimate art form like pop art was. I can use this form to take a snap-shot of history that is visual to digest as well as to look at and ponder the current event it’s trying to communicate. I have been working hard to bring Meme art to the next level of acceptance to the art community.

I’m currently working with those in financial need through fund raisers by donating my art pieces for auctions. Current campaign is with the Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and his family. I’m looking forward to many more campaigns to help those in need.

Michael Marrone